Arbeitsbereich mit Platz für Instrumente und Equipment

Loungebereich mit Couch und Sessel

Arbeiten im Stehen möglich (falls mit Laptop gearbeitet wird)

AUDIOMARIN MF12 A, Full Range Active Digital Stereo Speaker im eingemessenen Raum, Frequenzgang 22 – 30.000Hz +/- 3dB, siehe RTA Messung

RME Babyface USB Audio Interface kompatibel mit Mac/Windows

SPL 2Control Monitor Controller

Thunderbolt Display 27″ (inkl. USB, FIREWIRE u. Ethernet-Schnittstelle)


Küche, Toilette

WiFi Internet Zugang!


Details zum Soundsystem:


Audiomarin MF12A custom:

3-way, full-active DSP monitor speaker. This high-power midfield studio monitor system has been developed in straight collaboration with our customers, especially sound and mastering engineer Peter Trepel from Hamburg/Germany. The goal was to realize a compact, yet powerful monitor with bass extension well below 30Hz. Priority was clearly given to lowest distortion and highest resolution. In short, we were asked to build the best thinkable monitor speaker for this kind of application. Peter asked for the impossible! It took us over a year of development work, but at the end.. we did it! We choose to use only the best components available worldwide, as for example this special RAAL Ribbon tweeter, without any doubt one of the best tweeters in the world. The midrange is covered by a modified 18sound driver, which allowed us to realize not only the same, ultra low distortion level of the tweeter, but thanks to modifications, to cover an extremely wide frequency range. The 12” bass also is an Italian made neodymium woofer, with very high maximum power and extremely high cone-excursion.

Achieving the requested bass extension, together with the also requested, very high maximum output level, was very tricky. It became possible only thanks to a terrific combination of a kind of hybrid transmissionline/bassreflex system, internal Helmholtz absorber, and, last but not least, one of the best DSP-amplifier combinations available!

All this has its price, but as we were asked to build the best… there was no question about a consequent “no-compromise” approach. Collaboration with Peter was both- hard and helpful. He was extremely demanding, always aiming for the “close to impossible”, but thanks to his patience (development took definitely longer than previewed) and his insistence, we believe this project ended simply as one of the best speakers we will ever build.

Heiko Butscheid, Developer & Engineer, Audiomarin Genova



The frequency response at This is the Future is admirably linear, even in the lowest bass range, as you can see on this graph, measured/metered at the sweet spot/main desk. (23Hz-30.000Hz +/-3db linear!)




– 12” ultra low distortion, high power neodymium subwoofer

– 6” ultra low distortion paper cone neodymium mid woofer

– RAAL 70/20XR OEM tweeter with amorphous core


– Bass: 1000W

– Midwoofer: 250W

– Tweeter: 250W


– Dual 24Bit/48kHz Tandem Architecture (Analog Devices) for A/D and D/A,

– 116dB S/R

– User presets: 4

– Full Room Tuning


– Frequency Range: 30Hz-20kHz (+-1dB, anechoic)*

– Maximum Output: 116dB (anechoic)*

– -3dB @ 27Hz*

– Optimal listening ambience: 20-50sqm

– Optimal listening distance: 2-3,5m

– Crossover points: 120-180Hz, 2500-2800Hz (depending on selected crossover)

– *All values under anechoic conditions. In-room values depending on listening room, typical values after room tuning: -3dB @20-25Hz, 30Hz-20kHz – +-3dB, max SPL 120-122dB, depending on room and listener preferences.


– 820x410x480 (HxWxD)

– 56kg/channel net